Welcome to Vape Dojo's online guide to rebuildable atomizers. The world of rebuilables can be confusing for the beginner. There are hundreds of products on the market, and vapers seem to have their own lingo and acronyms. RBA, for instance, stands for Rebuildable Atomizer. Let's start with some of the more common acronyms and what they mean:

RTA - Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. This is a tank you can fill just as your tanks with pre-made coils. There's a deck at the bottom where users build their coils and wick.

    They usually come in single coil decks or dual coil decks.


    Here are the above RTAs built and wicked:

RDA - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Commonly known as "drippers", these atomizers have a deck and a short well and that's it. 

     Users can "paint the coils"-- dripping directly on to the coil -- or just drip into the well where the cotton wick absorbs the e-liquid. 

      RDAs usually are single coil or dual coil decks, and come in a number of configurations (such as above: the first picture is a "clamp-style" build deck,  the second one a "3 post" configuration and the 3rd picture is a "velocity style"         deck. Note all three are dual coil decks). There are RDAs that can fit as many as 16 coils!

    Here are the above RDAs built and wicked:

RDTA - Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. Also known as "genny style" atomizers, they are basically a combination of RTA and RDA. There is a deck that sits above the tank that holds eliquid.

    RDTAs come in single coil or dual coil configurations:

    Here are the above RDTAs built and wicked:

In Part II, we'll have a look at wires and wicking materials. Thanks for reading!