Once your package leaves our facilities, we can only see the same tracking information as you. The first step when you need to locate a missing or delayed package is to contact your local post office!

My Tracking Information Says “Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site. A return receipt after mailing may be available through your local Post Office.”

Don’t worry…this is normal! USPS is still updating the tracking information. Just wait a little bit longer and the tracking will begin to update. The tracking should update by around 9pm EST on the day it ships. If you order by noon EST, your order should ship same day, otherwise it ships the next business day. Please keep in mind that our online fulfillment and the post office are closed on Sundays.

My package tracking says my order is delivered but it has not arrived!

Unfortunately we don’t know where your package is either : ( If you have the tracking information, we definitely sent it out! Make sure you check every possible place your mailman could have left your package. The mailbox, front door, back door, your roommates, etc. If you still have not found your package, it’s possible your mailman made a mistake and marked the package as delivered by accident. Sometimes they also mark your package a little too early as delivered when they are still in the process of bringing it to you. If your packed has definitely not been received, please give your local post office a call and they may be able to find your missing package or let you know what happened. If the post office can determine that your package is indeed lost, send in a customer service ticket and we will help you out from there.

Where is my package?! My package tracking has not updated or has been stuck in the same place for a while.

This happens sometimes. On occasion, the post office does not update the tracking in a timely manner but your package is still on its way to you. If it is past your scheduled delivery date, call your post office and they may be able to locate your package and get it on its way to you. Check your order confirmation email as well to double check that the shipping address is correct. If the post office determines that your package is lost or being sent back to us for any reason, send us a customer service ticket and we will make sure your package gets to you!

How to contact the post office:

Call USPS: 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)

Or find your local post office: Find a USPS 

Or click here to Email USPS.

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